March 2020 DEI Accelerator Virtual Convening

DEI Accelerator Opening Session


Hello 2020 DEI Accelerator cohort members,

First, let’s acknowledge that these are fast-changing, uncertain times. For many of us, the last couple of weeks have brought about a number of shifts in our personal and professional lives. While working to manage all of these shifts, we’ve been trying to stay focused on being well (in all the ways) and hope you are too! Sending good vibes your way...

Given all of the COVID-19 related school closures this week, we know that many of you (and some of us) are managing new childcare complexities and may not have the expected flexibility next week. Therefore, we have moved to a shorter opening virtual program (2 hours and 15 minutes) which we will offer four different times on Tuesday 3/17 and Wednesday 3/18. We’re asking you to CHOOSE WHICHEVER ONE works best for you by 5 PM ET on Monday, 3/16. You’ll receive an invite for your session time.

Some final details heading into next week’s programming:

Next Week’s Convening


  • <by Monday 3/16, 5 PM ET> Sign up for your Opening Session in the first tab here. We’ll begin our time by sharing our personal identities in a more radically human way, then offer insights from our national DEI data set, surface trends unique to your cohort, and discuss next steps with other colleagues that share your organizational profile. Please have your data reports handy -- we’ll dig into these quite a bit!
  • <by Friday 3/20, 5 PM ET> Sign up for optional, 1:1 data office hours on the second tab hereThese 20-min slots will give you the opportunity to connect with someone on the Promise54 team to ask questions about your data reports. If you have questions about how to utilize the data with your staff and within your organization, we encourage you to bring those questions to your coaching sessions.
  • <by Friday 3/27, end of day> Carve out 2-3 hours of team time in the next two weeks to create your draft action plan. In the Opening Session, we will share guidance to help you engage with your team offline to create an action plan, due by end of day 3/27. Optionally, if you would like feedback on your action plan before submission, please send us your draft by Friday, 3/20 end of day. 

Connecting Virtually


  • If possible, please enable your video camera for the session - seeing each other makes it easier to build relationships and human connection.
  • In terms of dress code, we want you to come as you are! Feel free to dress in whatever attire makes you feel your fullest, most authentic self.
  • Upon joining the Zoom each day, please re-name yourself and include your first name, last initial, and personal pronouns (i.e. Courtney B. | she/her).
  • To learn more about other cohort participants, you can view the Participant Directory here.



  • Please set aside 15-20 minutes to read “Radically Human” and think about how you might introduce yourself to your fellow cohort members in a more “radically human” way.
  • Please also come prepared with your favorite beverage for a toast in the last 15 minutes of our time together.

In Case You Missed It


  • You can find the 3/12/2020 “Understanding Your DEI Survey Data” webinar recording in the Webinars tab.
  • Check out the most recent Promise54 blog -- Must the Show Go On? -- which highlights the hidden inequities in generalized “personal choice” messages related to travel and live attendance in this time of COVID-19.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions! “See” you next week!

In partnership,
The DEI Accelerator Team (Andrew, Cornelius, Courtney, and Kimberly)

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